Little Angels Yoga - the story...

Hi! I'm Ama. I’m a mum, wife, Founder and Owner of Little Angels Yoga. I have two beautiful children, my life and inspiration for starting Little Angels Yoga!

I attended Baby Massage and Baby Yoga sessions with both of my Little Angels and loved the experience, massaging them knowing each stroke was helping to ease trapped wind or release congestion or simply helping them to relax their little legs after a day of happy kicking! Watching them develop and learn new skills through Baby Yoga was a complete joy, it’s amazing watching your little one go from sitting to crawling to standing and stepping, supporting them in gaining strength in each of these stages was so heart-warming and fun!

Fast forward 2 years and I came across the wonderful Gayle Berry of Blossom and Berry and my adventure began. I trained to be a Baby Massage and Baby Yoga Instructor, everything I experienced when attending Baby Massage and Baby Yoga sessions with my little Angels I could now help new mothers and fathers experience.

My mission through Little Angels Yoga is to create a warm safe environment in which new mums and dads can come and learn Baby Massage strokes and Baby Yoga poses. Providing them with tools for life which will help them relieve, relax, stimulate and support development, not only physically but also cognitively with their Little Angel. Continuing to strengthen neural connections and the beautiful bond between them....

Massaging your baby provides essential one-to-one time that will enhance your intimacy, understanding and ability to nurture your little one.